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Can my insurance company tell me where to go to get my vehicle fixed?

No. You as the owner of your vehicle have the ultimate say of where your vehicle gets repaired.

It is illegal for insurance companies to force or require you to use a particular body shop. They can give recommendations of auto collision shops, but must honor your final decision.

We recommend you choose a collision repair facility that has a good reputation and great customer feedback. We also recommend a body shop that holds multiple certifications in the auto repair industry.

At Batt & Stevens Body Shop we work on all makes and models and are among the most certified in the area. Every repair is backed with a lifetime guarantee.

What do I do after a car accident?

1. Check Yourself and Passengers for Injuries

• First things first, check yourself and passengers for injuries. If injured, call 911 immediately or if you are too injured ask a bystander to call for you.

2. Get to Safety

• If your vehicle is still functioning, pull over to the side of the road and put your hazard lights on.

• If your vehicle is not functioning, leave it where it is and get to a safe location off the road.

3. If No One is Injured and You Haven’t Called 911, Be Sure to Call Your Local Police Department to File an Accident Report.

• Do not leave the scene of an accident. Wait for your local authorities to arrive and assist with the accident report.

4. Exchange Information

• It is important to exchange information for insurance coverage and legal reasons.

• It is best to share the following: full name and contact information, insurance company and policy number, driver’s license and license plate number, vehicle make, model, and color, and the location the accident occurred.

• It is recommended to avoid discussing who is at fault when conversing with the other driver. The insurance adjuster will determine who is at fault after reviewing the insurance claim.

5. Document the Accident Yourself

• It is best to document the accident yourself for insurance and legal purposes.

• It is best to document the following information: the officers names, get a copy of the police accident report, take multiple pictures of your vehicle from different angles, witnesses and their contact information, and passengers of both parties.

6. Notify Your Insurance Company to Start the Claims Process

• Give your insurance agent a call. Your agent will begin the claim process and ask of any additional information they need from you. From there you can begin to look or decide on a body shop you wish your vehicle to be repaired at.

How is the “fair market value” of my totaled vehicle determined?

When your vehicle is “totaled” by the insurance company, they must pay you what the value of your vehicle was before the accident. This amount is referred to as the “fair market value”.

It takes into consideration mileage, prior damage, vehicle options and amenities, location, and overall condition. There are multiple companies that offer free fair market value prices on your vehicle such as Kelley Blue Book ( or Edmunds (

The insurance company may use one of these resources or complete their own evaluation, but the manner they choose must be documented and it must be in accordance with Rule 3901-1-54/Unfair Property/Casualty Claims Settlement Practices section of the Ohio Administrative Code.

You have the right to negotiate with the insurance company if you believe the value of your vehicle is worth more than their initial offer.

I can’t seem to resolve a problem with my insurance company.

Try to talk to the adjustor in charge of your claim or the supervisor in charge. If things are still not resolved, you can reach out to the Ohio Department of Insurance to file a complaint.

Ohio law gives insurance consumers the right to file a complaint against insurance agents, adjusters, and companies.

A complaint can be filed online via the Ohio Department of Insurance website, over the phone by calling 1-800-686-1526, or by mail to: Ohio Department of Insurance, Consumer Services Division, 50 West Town Street, Third Floor/Suite 300, Columbus, OH, 43215.

Do you have loaner vehicles while my vehicle is being repaired?

Yes. We have a fleet of loaner vehicles ready to go for our customers. We will typically ask you if you are in need of a loaner vehicle while you are at our body shop.

I’ve never been in an accident before and don’t know how to deal with my insurance?

Don’t worry, we will work with you and your insurance company every step of the way. We work with all insurance companies.

At times it can be frustrating or nerve racking dealing with insurance companies, but you can trust us with the repair process.

We will always be an advocate in your corner. We are more than happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have during the process. Feel free to ask us over the phone or in person.

Come in with Confidence. Drive out with Satisfaction!